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So today’s post is about an activity that some might call “busy work.” That is, in fact, exactly what it is. I was trying to get some packing/organizing accomplished and was having a difficult time with a two year old wanting to play in my lap. I needed something for Kora to do that would keep her busy for a while. I looked around the room and found some yarn. Perfect! Yarn pull!

I gave Kora a skein of yarn and showed her where to pull. She did the rest! She sat next to me for a while content on pulling and pulling. 

Then, for whatever reason, she felt the need to take the show on the road. She took the end of yarn and ran out of the room and down the hall. 

While she did destroy the skein of yarn, she had a blast. She played with it on and off all afternoon!


A couple of days ago Kora woke up asking to go to the zoo. She had pulled out her animal toys and was arranging them around her room playing Zoo. Today I decided we would take a trip to a nearby zoo. We invited some cousins to come along with us. 

The thing I love most about going to the zoo is that any time you go, it’s a different experience. Sometimes the animals might be lounging in the shade and other times they might be up walking around. It’s always exciting when you’re lucky enough to see the animals in action. On this particular trip to the zoo there were a few things that happened that were Super Cool. 

First, the Galapagos tortoises were walking around and playing (do tortoises play?) in the mud. In past visits, these giant reptiles are motionless, looking like large rocks. Today they were surprisingly active. We got to watch one of the tortoises stick his head through his fence to nibble on a piece of grass. 

The alligator is next up on our Super Cool animal tour. Now the alligator wasn’t exactly active. In fact, I don’t think it moved a muscle while we were watching him. What made him exciting was his location in his habitat. Mr. Alligator was underwater and had his snout practically touching the observation glass! Awesome!

The next Super Cool experience was with my favorite animal in the whole wide world – the Orangutan. As we approached their habitat I could tell that the animals were off exhibit. I was a little upset until I saw them in their observation room. As Kora and I sat at the window the large male orangutan walked right up to the glass! He stood face to face with us. Made my day! If you look closely you can see Kora’s reflection in the glass. 

The last Super Cool animal encounter was in the aquarium. One of the eels came swimming out from behind his rock. Usually the eels stay tucked up in the rocks so this was a pleasant treat! The funny thing is whole the adults were watching the eel, “Thelma” and “Louise” we’re stomping in the water! Oops!

Of course we had to make a stop at the playground before heading home. 

On the way out of the zoo, Kora had to stop a hug the zoo goodbye! She’s such a sweet little girl! 

With the mercury rising, a trip to the splash pad was just what the doctor ordered! Park dates and playgrounds are great fun, but sometimes it’s just too​ hot.

Our splash pad is nothing fancy – a couple of overhead buckets that fill and spill and a series of fountains that form a circle around the buckets. What I love about it is that the water doesn’t immediately drain away. The ground is ever so slightly curved so it holds just enough water to splash around in. 

The fill and spill buckets are a little too much for Kora’s liking – she just avoided the very center of the circle. In fact, I think she probably ran twenty laps around the circumference of the splash pad!

I thought she’d play with the fountains more than she did. She was content splashing with the water that was collected on the ground. Recently Kora has started jumping up and plopping down on her bottom. So of course she was doing that in the water!

At one point she laid down to play with a toy, and I thought for a minute she was going to take a nap!  

After a hour of solid splashing, Kora started to become more interested in the cement walls of the nearby raised flowerbeds. I took this as a sign she was ready up go home. I took off her bathing suit to start changing her into dry clothes, and she took off in just her swim diaper. She was ready for round two! Again, she ran the circumference of the splash pad!

By the time we left the splash pad my little chicken was exhausted – all that splishing and splashing wore her out! We will definitely be returning many times throughout the summer!

Today’s activity is brought to you by Jealousy. I was entertaining Lila with our animal finger puppets when Kora decided she wanted to play with the finger puppets too. 
It was difficult for me to get any pictures of the puppet show because apparently I play a crucial role in the show. Playing puppets is not an activity that Kora does independently.  

Our puppet show consists of me making silly voices for the people and Kora making animal sounds. We also sang “Old McDonald has a Zoo” using the puppets as props. 

Kora had fun playing with the puppets and Lila had fun watching the puppet show. Now that’s what I call success!!

Kora calls this ‘A game! A game!’ A couple of weeks ago I bought some craft stuff, including pom poms. Kora saw the tiny balls and instantly wanted them. I told her they were for a game. Now when she sees a pom pom she thinks it’s a game.

I had intended for her to push the pom poms through holes cut in the lid of a snack container. I was thinking fine motor practice. Kora had her own ideas. She started out just playing with them on the table. And then she found like colors. I’m all for sorting by color. 

I eventually convinced her to push the pom poms through the holes. I love watching those little fingers work. She pushed all the pom poms through one time and that was enough for her. Without the lid on, she continued to put the little balls in the container and pour them out. 

Then the throwing began. Kora put the container on the floor and she sat on the couch. She tried to throw the balls into the container. 

And she pretended she was a kitty while retrieving the missed pom poms. 

While she didn’t play ‘A Game’ like I intended her to, she did have fun and was able to play by herself!! I call this activity a win!!

As a mom there are several things I don’t go anywhere without – diapers, wipes, snacks, and backup snacks. I also try to always have some sort of activity/toy/book with me. 

My Animal Action Dice are perfect to have on hand. They are small, so they travel well, and they are a lot of fun! I painted three wooden blocks white and then used Kora’s fingerprints for the bodies of the animals. 

We first played with these dice with Kora’s cousins. The girls took turns rolling a die and then they all acted it out.  

Arch your back like a cat:

Slither like a snake:

Roar like a lion:

The way Kora acted out the lion roar you would have thought it said ‘attack like a lion!’

With three little girls acting like animals, there was a lot of giggling! So much fun!!

My daughters and I took their dad camping for Father’s Day weekend. We had only begun to setup camp when Kora saw the lake and started towards it! My bug loves to swim and was ready to go!
Once I got her suited up and slathered sunscreen all over her we were ready to swim. Kora is very comfortable playing in water which makes me nervous – she has no fear! As soon as she was in the water she started walking towards the middle of the lake! Having never been to this particular lake we weren’t sure how far the shallow water extended but we were about to find out. Kora walked until her mouth was barely above the water. Then she closed her mouth, breathed through her nose and walked a little further! 

She likes testing her boundaries. And making her mommy very nervous! She loves her puddle jumper so we put that on her. Coast Guard approved, this flotation device is awesome! On her belly, she’s able to kick her feet and swim around. On her back, she likes to float and pretend she’s sleeping!

We went swimming again the next morning with her cousins. And again that evening. I have a water baby!