Summer’s here and we’re ready to have some fun!!

One of our favorite activities is playing with Play-doh. Kora loves rolling it to make snakes!

I love all the little teachable moments that come with this activity. Kora named the animal cookie cutters and the sounds the animals make. She worked really hard flattening the dough so she could make her own giraffe.

We’re also working on learning our colors – usually everything is pink. Today she correctly identified the orange and green! Mama was excited!!

Kora recently became obsessed with finding things that are the same. When she noticed the duck cookie cutter and the Play-doh duck she grabbed them and shouted “Same!”  Love her!

Play-doh keeps my curious girl entertained for a while – sometimes because she’s playing with it and sometimes because she’s making a mess with it!!! She had a lot of fun throwing all the dough and accessories all over the floor.