This is Kora’s way of telling me that she wants to eat Cheerios in milk. I poured her a bowl of cereal and waited for the mess – she doesn’t just eat the Cheerios; she has to dip out every drop of milk from her bowl. This usual ends with her spilling the bowl onto her chair/floor/clothes. She was soaked in milk and my floor needed a good cleaning! Needless to say, this is how we ended up in the bathtub. 

What better way to keep a toddler entertained while getting them clean than painting in the bathtub? I squeezed several dollops of Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap in the tub and let her go to town!

She was a little skeptical at first. We’ve done a lot of painting but never in the bathtub! 

The painting session started with just one finger but quickly escalated!

By the end it looked like she was ice skating! The paint was slippery but she was having too much fun painting with her feet to notice. 

Kora’s bathtub masterpiece washed off easily. The paint bubbled up when we turned on the faucet so that was extra entertainment! I think she may have had as much fun washing the paint off as she did painting!

She had so much fun painting she asked to do it again at bedtime! We will be doing this activity a lot more in the future!!