The Ice Block Challenge took me a couple of days to set up. I placed a couple of toys in a plastic food storage container and filled it a third full of water. I left the container in the freezer overnight. I repeated the process two more times. The end product was a block of ice with toys layered throughout. I made sure to use toys that Kora would want to rescue from the ice. 

We used the tool set Kora was given for her birthday to help rescue the toys. She loves using her hammer and had a blast knocking on the ice. 

She used her other tools for a minute but quickly switched back to her hammer. 

Of course she had to touch the ice and in true Kora fashion, lick the water from her hands!

The block of ice was melting in the heat so Kora started playing in the water. She was stomping around making footprints. 

She then started decorating the block with rocks. Like a cake with sprinkles!

This ice challenge kept Kora occupied and entertained for a good 45 minutes! She could have kept playing but it was time for dinner. She hadn’t yet freed her toy cow from the ice and she didn’t want to leave the cow outside so we ended up melting the ice block with water in the bathtub.