Buy a kid a fancy toy and they have more fun with the box it came in. Right?  Today I gave Kora a simple activity and I thought she’d get bored with it in a hurry. It was too simple I thought.  I was wrong. (Did I really just admit that?)

Kora loved Straw Shake. She giggled and giggled as the straws flew out of the cheese shaker. 

Initially, she was hesitant to put the straws back in the container. When she learned she had to put the straws back in so she could shake them out again, she was happy to do it.

Returning the straws to the container gives Kora’s fine motor skills a workout! I think the holes of the container on the perfect size – not too big making it too easy and not too small making it frustrating. 

After 3-4 rounds to shaking the straws out, Kora adapted the game. She wanted to put the straws in her mouth and blow through them. I asked her not to put the straws in her mouth so this is she what she did:

I think she picked up and blew through every straw. She loved the sound made as the air hit the straw. “Music!” she said. Which led to drumming!

What a fun and simple activity this was!! Easy for Mama to put together and easy for toddler to play with unassisted. We had fun, worked fine motor skills, practiced identifying colors, made music, and used our imagination!