Kora loves loves loves to read. We read together in the morning. We read together several times throughout the day (and I often find her reading independently during the day). And we read together every night before bed.  

When she asks to read, I usually drop what I’m doing to take the time to read to her. She gets hooked on a particular book and we read it on repeat until I have the words memorized. Recently the book we’ve been reading a lot is “Commotion in the Ocean” by Giles Andreae.

Tonight as I was getting her out of the tub I was being silly and asked if she was a jellyfish.  “Noooo”.  

Me: Are you a shark? 

Kora: Nooo.  Octopus. 

Me: You’re an octopus?

Then she just starts tickling me, which is what the octopus in the story does. We proceeded to have a little tickle fight before she asked to read the book. 

I have learned that when reading to Kora if I point out something in a picture once, I have to point it out every time. It becomes a tradition. After I read the first page of the book tonight she has to find and point out all the animals. She already knew most of the animals in this book, but she is learning the swordfish and stingray. Here she is pointing to the “tab” (crab).

Tonight she was being silly and decided to start flipping pages before I could finish reading:

She thinks she’s sooooooo funny!

After I read to her, she wanted to read by herself. I love watching her read independently – she talks about what she sees and she reacts to the pictures (she tries to tell the shark not to eat the starfish!).

Kora loves books and I love that she loves books. Her vocabulary is expanding and she’s developing a strong imagination. Plus, I cherish the time she spends in my lap reading – even if we’ve already read that book 20 times today!