Today as I was organizing my crafting stash I found some forgotten about stickers. These stickers are the puffy three-dimensional stickers – super fun! 

I gave Kora some puffy stickers and some regular stickers to decorate her paper. Every last puffy sticker was used and only one lone smiley face sticker was used. 

I like giving Kora stickers to play with because it helps develop her fine motor skills. The puffy stickers were definitely easier for her to pull the backing off and stick to her paper. 

After using all the puffy stickers she exclaims, “Tada!”:

Then she has to show her puppy:

Shortly after she finished with the stickers she found markers. Uh oh!

Kora is quite an artist. Look at the snake she drew:

And check out this pig:

This girl loves to craft. How do I know? She gave me her seal of approval:

She finally finished her masterpiece and had to put the lids back on her markers. This was great because not only does it help with fine motor, she got to practice her colors and matching the correct lid to marker. 

Stickers and markers – such simple things that keep a toddler happy and entertained.