Watercolor paint is my friend!  Kora loves painting and because its watercolor, it’s easy to clean. I feel like I don’t have to keep such a close eye on her (or my furniture) when she’s painting with water colors. 

Sometimes I think she has the most fun just dipping her brush in the water. 

Today she stopped mid-stroke and pressed her hands down on her paper. She wanted to make handprints. We needed to make Father’s Day cards so we switched mediums. I didn’t get pictures of the hand printing (too busy keeping painting off of everything!), but I did get a few of her painting with her fingers. 

Painting is probably one of Kora’s favorite things to do – We usually paint at least once a week. I actually like that it can be messy. It keeps me in the moment, engaged with my child. And it teaches Kora that messes are okay – we just clean them up.