My daughters and I took their dad camping for Father’s Day weekend. We had only begun to setup camp when Kora saw the lake and started towards it! My bug loves to swim and was ready to go!
Once I got her suited up and slathered sunscreen all over her we were ready to swim. Kora is very comfortable playing in water which makes me nervous – she has no fear! As soon as she was in the water she started walking towards the middle of the lake! Having never been to this particular lake we weren’t sure how far the shallow water extended but we were about to find out. Kora walked until her mouth was barely above the water. Then she closed her mouth, breathed through her nose and walked a little further! 

She likes testing her boundaries. And making her mommy very nervous! She loves her puddle jumper so we put that on her. Coast Guard approved, this flotation device is awesome! On her belly, she’s able to kick her feet and swim around. On her back, she likes to float and pretend she’s sleeping!

We went swimming again the next morning with her cousins. And again that evening. I have a water baby!