As a mom there are several things I don’t go anywhere without – diapers, wipes, snacks, and backup snacks. I also try to always have some sort of activity/toy/book with me. 

My Animal Action Dice are perfect to have on hand. They are small, so they travel well, and they are a lot of fun! I painted three wooden blocks white and then used Kora’s fingerprints for the bodies of the animals. 

We first played with these dice with Kora’s cousins. The girls took turns rolling a die and then they all acted it out.  

Arch your back like a cat:

Slither like a snake:

Roar like a lion:

The way Kora acted out the lion roar you would have thought it said ‘attack like a lion!’

With three little girls acting like animals, there was a lot of giggling! So much fun!!