Kora calls this ‘A game! A game!’ A couple of weeks ago I bought some craft stuff, including pom poms. Kora saw the tiny balls and instantly wanted them. I told her they were for a game. Now when she sees a pom pom she thinks it’s a game.

I had intended for her to push the pom poms through holes cut in the lid of a snack container. I was thinking fine motor practice. Kora had her own ideas. She started out just playing with them on the table. And then she found like colors. I’m all for sorting by color. 

I eventually convinced her to push the pom poms through the holes. I love watching those little fingers work. She pushed all the pom poms through one time and that was enough for her. Without the lid on, she continued to put the little balls in the container and pour them out. 

Then the throwing began. Kora put the container on the floor and she sat on the couch. She tried to throw the balls into the container. 

And she pretended she was a kitty while retrieving the missed pom poms. 

While she didn’t play ‘A Game’ like I intended her to, she did have fun and was able to play by herself!! I call this activity a win!!