With the mercury rising, a trip to the splash pad was just what the doctor ordered! Park dates and playgrounds are great fun, but sometimes it’s just too​ hot.

Our splash pad is nothing fancy – a couple of overhead buckets that fill and spill and a series of fountains that form a circle around the buckets. What I love about it is that the water doesn’t immediately drain away. The ground is ever so slightly curved so it holds just enough water to splash around in. 

The fill and spill buckets are a little too much for Kora’s liking – she just avoided the very center of the circle. In fact, I think she probably ran twenty laps around the circumference of the splash pad!

I thought she’d play with the fountains more than she did. She was content splashing with the water that was collected on the ground. Recently Kora has started jumping up and plopping down on her bottom. So of course she was doing that in the water!

At one point she laid down to play with a toy, and I thought for a minute she was going to take a nap!  

After a hour of solid splashing, Kora started to become more interested in the cement walls of the nearby raised flowerbeds. I took this as a sign she was ready up go home. I took off her bathing suit to start changing her into dry clothes, and she took off in just her swim diaper. She was ready for round two! Again, she ran the circumference of the splash pad!

By the time we left the splash pad my little chicken was exhausted – all that splishing and splashing wore her out! We will definitely be returning many times throughout the summer!