Today we tried out a set of color and number animal puzzle cards that I had. For each number 1-18 there are three cards. One card has a number, one has a color, and the third has an animal. The goal is to put together the three cards to form the picture and a description – “five red chickens.”

I only gave Kora the cards for the numbers 1-5. She started by sorting the stack of cards by animals. After demonstrating arranging the cards for her, she managed to put together the sheep puzzle. It wasn’t exactly in the right order, but she still counted the sheep and told me they were white. 

Together we put together the two blue whales. We used the three pictures to identify head, body, and tail. 

Kora realized I was taking pictures and wanted to join in the fun. She took my phone and started snapping away. She took one burst of 23 pictures and another burst of 67! She ended up taking a total of 198 photos!

I moved to the couch to feed Lila so Kora gathered up her puzzle cards to come sit with us. She sat on the couch and sorted all the cards. 

She really liked the animal puzzle cards, but she needs more practice. We will continue to use the cards and will slowly add more numbers. This was a fun and simple way to practice colors, numbers, and animals. (The cards also had shapes and emotions on the back.)