Kora brought me her Flip Flop Alphabet blocks this morning and wanted to play. How am I going to turn down a child initiated learning opportunity? I’m not!!

The blocks have a letter on one side and a picture on the other side. Kora loves for me to ask, “Where’s the _______?” And then she finds and points to whatever I’ve asked for. 

I also point to the blocks and have Kora identify the picture or letter. (Because Kora was sitting in my lap it was difficult to get many pictures.)

I was bouncing Lila when Kora approached me so she got to practice the blocks too!

Of course, she is a two year old so she had to spin the blocks around too! 

Kora is getting really good at identifying the pictures and letters. She loves to learn and that makes me so happy. Now I just need to find Flip Flop blocks with lower case letters!