I debated on whether or not to write a post about coloring. Such a simple activity. Is it worth a blog post? I decided that given the frequency with which we color, I definitely needed to write about it. 
Sometimes I pull out the crayons and a coloring book when I need to keep Kora busy for a few minutes so I can get something done. Other times I pull out my coloring book and color alongside her. Yes, I have my own coloring book, and it’s awesome! There’s just something relaxing about coloring. 

Kora loves flipping the pages of her Curious George coloring book, deciding what page to color. And then she has to pick which crayons she wants to use. Of course, I use this opportunity to practice color identification. 

Today she decided that she really wanted to use my colored pencils. While I wouldn’t let her use mine – I’m stingy, I know – I did get her some pencils to color with. They weren’t as easy for her to use as crayons, but she was happy to have them. 

I also love to watch her draw and color on blank paper. It always makes me smile to see her scribble on the paper and then show it to me and proudly announce what she drew. She’s got a little imagination on her. 

We usually end our coloring sessions with crayons all over the floor – sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose. I make it a game and we race “fast, fast” to pick the crayons up. 

We really enjoy our coloring time together – Kora in her coloring book and me in mine. Although she really wants to color in mine. Should I let her? Maybe when she’s older!