As a parent of a curious toddler, I try to take her to new places and introduce her to new things. I’m always trying to broaden her horizons. Today my mother and I took her to Dinosaur World!

This little tourist attraction is basically a walking path with life-size dinosaurs lining the path. There is also a dinosaur museum with animatronic dinosaurs, a bone dig, and a playground. If your children are into dinosaurs, this is a pretty cool place to visit. 

Kora started off in her stroller but it didn’t take long before she had to climb out to get a closer look at the dinosaurs. 

She loved looking at her map to make sure we were going the right way!

Here’s Kora pretending she had a long neck like the dinosaurs:

We had to make a brief stop to feed the fish. Look at that excitement!

After we had completed the walk, we made our way to the dinosaur dig. There were brushes for the kids to use to uncover the bones. Kora had more fun just playing in the sand. When some bigger kids came along, she started trying to put sand on top of the bones they were trying to uncover!

Of course we had to make a pit stop at the playground before going to see the animatronic dinosaurs. 

I was a little worried that the animatronics would frighten Kora so I told her that we were about to see some dancing dinosaurs. When she saw the dinosaurs move she got pretty excited. She danced and roared right along with the dinosaurs!

Kora had a lot of fun at Dinosaur World. She wasn’t really into dinosaurs before our trip, but she is now. I think I’ll have to get her some little dinosaur toys to play with at home.