My husband had some business meetings near where my parents live so we decided that we would all go up for a little visit. I really want my kids to have a close relationship with all of their grandparents so I’m always happy when we’re able to visit. 

We took a couple of field trips, but I’ll write about those in separate posts. Right now I just want to write about the everyday things that made this trip special. 

Kora loves any chance to help so when Nannie asked her to help make pancakes Kora jumped at the opportunity. 

One of Kora’s favorite things to do when she visits is to ride on Nannie’s John Deere Gator. Kora is always asking, “Ride? Alligator?”  She loves driving it down to feed Papa’s cows. 

This July heat definitely calls for a dip in the pool. Now Nannie and Papa’s pool is not a typical pool but it gets the job done! Kora had a blast running around the pool and plopping down. Splash!

Papa took Kora to pick a pear from the tree. Her favorite part of the book “Hand Hand Fingers Thumb” is the page when the monkeys pick an apple and plum so getting to pick her own fruit was pretty exciting!

Nannie got some snuggle time with Kora, but it came at a price – she had to read the same book over and over again! Nannie didn’t seem to mind. 

Kora got her fingernails and toenails painted hot pink. She loves getting pampered by her Nannie!

My Papa used to put me in his lap, bounce me, and sing “Little girls go pacey pacey pacey; Little boys go trot-ty ty, trot-ty, trot-ty; Little men go gallop-ty, gallop-ty, gallop-ty, gallop-ty.” Now my dad does the same with my girls!

A trip to Nannie and Papa’s would not be complete without a lunch date at Dairy Queen. Kora really enjoyed her “I ceam cone.” She’s spoiled rotten!

We had a very fun week hanging out with Nannie and Papa. There was lots of snuggles, lots of giggles, and lots of memories made.