Any activity that involves water is sure to be a big hit with Kora. It doesn’t matter if it’s jumping in puddles or even splashing in her cousins’ dog’s water bowl, if Kora gets to play in water, she’s a happy little girl. 

For our Water Pour I gathered a big tub of water, some bowls, a colander, measuring cups, different sizes ladles and a pan and spoon from a toy kitchen set.

We took all our supplies outside to play on the porch. When we got outside I noticed a large spider with an egg sac. Of course we had to have a mini science lesson. Kora loved that the egg sac looked like a ball!

 After learning about spiders, Kora was ready to play. She grabbed the colander and a ladle and started scooping water. She never noticed that the water was draining from the colander onto the porch. 

I finally pointed out the holes of the colander and showed her how the water drains. She had to give it a try herself. 

She poured water from one ladle to another, from a ladle to a measuring cup and from a measuring cup to a bowl. She even used cups to pour water into the flowerbeds for the plants. As she scooped and poured, I squeezed in little learning moments: Which ladle is bigger? Did the spoon sink or float? What’s inside the spider’s eggs?

Kora was having a lot of fun but she must have wanted to have more fun because as is the Kora Way, she stepped it up a notch. She asked to get in the bucket! I stripped her down and let her crawl inside the bucket. 

Obviously she didn’t have much room to play, but that didn’t stop her. She had a blast! She was spinning around, splashing, and blowing bubbles. Everyone deserves to have as much fun as she was having! 

Water Pour is a fun activity that Kora can do over and over without getting bored. I just have to simply change up the tools used and it’s like a new game. We will definitely be doing this again soon!