Sometimes parents give their toddler an activity to keep them busy allowing the parent to accomplish a chore. Other times parents turn the chore into a game and have their toddler play the game. This Easter Egg Sort is in the latter category. 

For yesterday’s Water Pour, I found a red bucket to hold water but it had a bunch of Easter eggs in it. Turns out, the bucket was used by Kora’s oldest cousin to hunt Easter eggs and was then abandoned – candy and all. My mother had her reasons for not sorting the eggs back then, but it didn’t take long until the bucket was forgotten about…until I dug it out of the closet to use for our Water Pour.  

For yesterday’s activity I had poured the candy filled eggs into a basket so I could use the bucket, so I decided that today I would have Kora sort the candy from the eggs. 

Kora and Nannie sat at the coffee table and opened the eggs and put the candy in a bowl. Kora tried her best to get permission to eat some candy. “Just one,” she said. I don’t think so Tim. I told her to give the piece of candy she wanted to her dad and he would keep it safe for her until it was snack time. She took it to an end table instead and tried to open it. I guess she thought she was hidden! Silly two year old! (Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Kora in her hiding spot.)

Her favorite eggs were the ones that looked like sports balls. She took the baseball egg to the stairs and tried throwing it like a real baseball. 

With Kora’s help, it didn’t take long before the empty plastic eggs were stored for next year and we had a bowl of candy to snack on! I love these activities that are actually chores in disguise – they teach responsibility and the value of hard work.