Kora has been asking to go to the zoo again. When I tell her no, she asks if her cousins cane take her. Her cousins are six and four years old! It was going to be too hot for Lila to go to the zoo so I took the girls to a drive thru wildlife park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. 

As much as Kora loves animals, I think her favorite part about Fossil Rim is that she doesn’t have to be in her seat belt! She loves that she can sit up front with the adults. 

As we started today’s safari, Kora was enjoying looking at the “map”. We were using it to identify the animals. 

“Deer! Deer!” I probably heard the word “deer” a thousand times on that drive. She said it every time she saw an animal whether it was a deer, gazelle, or wildebeest!

Kora loved feeding the wildlife but the animals with large horns/antlers made her a little nervous. We tried to stop mainly for the smaller animals.

The animal that Kora really wanted to see were the giraffes. When we approached them, the giraffes were standing back away from the road. We opened the sun roof and shook our bag of feed trying to lure them over to the car, but we were not successful. I guess they just weren’t that hungry. 

At one point I thought Kora was really getting into searching for animals out the window. Then I realized she was just smiling at herself in the side view mirror. 

Fossil Rim is a place that everyone needs to visit. Getting up close to some magnificent animals is a true experience.