Kora wanted to paint today (actually she wanted to go to the zoo; painting was her second choice) and I didn’t want to deal with even the potential for a mess. In comes the Bingo Daubers. These babies are super easy to use – just unscrew the lid and start painting!

Ok, so they’re technically not Bingo Daubers, but they’re practically the same thing. I have a set of these little painters, and let me tell you something, they are awesome! Each bottle has a sponge tip applicator that simply needs to be gently dabbed for paint to come out. 

I always enjoy watching Kora using her imagination and creating art, but today she did something that I found quite interesting. I set four bottles of paint in front of her. She picked up the first one, painted with it, then set it down to the right of her. She picked up a second bottle and repeated the process. She continued until all four bottles were to the right of her. At this point, Kora exclaimed, “Doghouse!” as she proudly looked at her painting. 

Then she continued painting but this time picking up the bottles from her right and setting them down on her left side. It was very systematic. Kora arranged the bottles into a square and again exclaimed “Doghouse!” I’m not really sure what her deal is with doghouses – weird! Kora grabbed the lids and put the “dogs” inside their home! What an imagination!

Is she a righty or a lefty? She constantly switches which hand she uses to paint/color. 

While painting with our Bingo Daubers is significantly less messy than painting with a brush, my two year old is still going to end up with paint on her face!  

I highly recommend these paint daubers to any parent with a toddler – they’re fun, easy to use, and easy to clean. What more can a mom ask for?