When I asked Kora if she wanted to play a silly game today she got really excited. But when she saw me pull out cotton balls and a muffin pan she was disappointed. She heard me say “game” and she thought I was talking about our Pom Pom Play game. 

All I had to do to get her interested was set the muffin pan on the floor and throw a “snowball” into it. She quickly grabbed some cotton balls and started tossing them. I never could get her to stand back from the pan – she wanted to be right over it. 

I emptied the pan for her to start over and then she sat down and started methodically placing cotton balls into each muffin well. A sloth could have placed the cotton balls faster!

She only placed a few snowballs before she realized it was taking her forever. Her solution was to pick up the basket and just dump all the snowballs into the pan. 

Before too long, the muffin pan was abandoned and Kora and I were having a snowball fight! Cotton balls were flying all over the room and there was a lot of giggling going on. 

Kora would grab snowballs in both hands and run at me before launching the snowballs at my face. It’s a good thing they are super soft!

I’m really glad that Snowball Toss turned in to Snowball Fight. We had a lot more fun tossing snowballs at each other. The next time we play we won’t bother getting out the muffin pan. I’ll just set out two piles of snowballs and let the fun begin!