As a teacher I learned that simply by changing the writing utensil or the writing surface made learning the content more exciting for students. I used this approach today with Kora.

Kora always has fun drawing with markers but I decided to liven it up a bit. I gave her a couple of dry erase markers and set her up on the bathroom counter. She got really excited when I told her we were going to draw on the mirror. 

The fact that I could only find two different colored markers didn’t slow Kora down one bit. She drew rainbows and butterflies and lots of other scribbly things. 

I guess because she had such a large canvas, she decided to use both markers simultaneously. She was pretty proud of herself! 

She also felt the need to stand up so she could cover more ground. 

Dad came home from work and caught us drawing on the mirror. Busted! When he asked her what she was doing, she answered very matter of factly, “Drawing”. 

After drawing for a while and covering the mirror, Kora asked for a towel so she could erase her masterpiece. She wiped the mirror clean and went right back to drawing. 

Using dry erase markers on the mirror was a huge success! I did make sure to stress that we were using special markers – I don’t want her to develop a habit of coloring on walls! Kora had a blast drawing on the mirror and I got some cute pictures to prove it!