On a recent trip to the grocery store I picked up a JELL-O Pudding Pops Mold Kit. I decided that today would be the day that we tried it out. 
Kora has always enjoyed “helping” me in the kitchen so I knew she would love this activity. Since I put Kora on top of the counter I like to have all ingredients and utensils out and ready. 

It’s very simple to make these Popsicles. First, pour a package of pudding into a bowl.

Pour in milk and whisk. 

Then pour the mix into the mold and insert the sticks. 

Freeze at least 5 hours. We decided to wait a couple of days and eat them when Kora’s cousins came to visit. The girls loved the Popsicles. Both of Kora’s cousins told Kora that she made yummy Popsicles! What a sweet compliment. They’re ready to help make some chocolate Popsicles.