My husband and I, along with our two girls, recently moved into an RV and we are in the process of getting our old house ready (cleaned/painted) for renters. The house is mostly empty; only a few things remain that haven’t been moved yet. 

Two of Kora’s cousins came over today to play with Kora while I was prepping the walls for paint. They found a box that contained a variety of racquets and that’s how Imaginary Tennis got started. 

Each girl got a racquet and we divided into two teams. I served the ball like I was one of the Williams sisters. Was my serve an ace like I was expecting (I mean, I’m playing against two little girls whose combined age is six)? Nope. Would you believe that BOTH girls returned my serve?!?

The great thing about Imaginary Tennis. No one ever misses the ball. All serves go over the net and the ball never goes out of bounds! It’s so much fun. 

While we were playing there was a lot of “I got it!” as the girls hit the ball. They also made sound effects as the ball hit their racquet! 

I have always thought that I would try to get Kora interested in competitive swimming when she gets older, but we might have to try tennis out. Check out her stance! She might be a natural!

She always keeps her eye on the ball and she has a powerful swing. 

I must admit that I had just as much fun playing Imaginary Tennis as the girls did. We will definitely have to try out some other imaginary games in the future – catch, double Dutch, volleyball, etc. I love the idea of being able to play without the need of any toys (We don’t have to have the racquets to play). Then you could play anywhere anytime!