The stall tactic has been a part of the sport of basketball for a long time. Your team is ahead and the seconds are ticking away. You don’t want the other team to score so you just dribble and pass the ball around trying to run out the clock. Today I needed to run out the clock with my toddler. It was almost nap time, but it wasn’t nap time yet. I needed a quick activity to fill the time before the buzzer. 

Enter Magic Grow Creatures. I picked these up at Kroger a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to use them. 

Kora got so excited when I asked her if she wanted to grow some animals. We opened the package and I had Kora identify each animal. She even made a neighing sound when she got to the sea horse!

We poured water into two bowls and then Kora started placing the animals. This took a while. She placed all the animals and then had to reorganize them. And reorganize them. And reorganize them. (She gets this from her father!) At one point, the octopus was in one bowl and all the other animals where in the second bowl. 

She also had to make the fish and turtle swim around in the water! After playing with the animals in the water for a bit, I put her down for a nap. I told her we could check on the animals when she woke up. 

The package claims that the Magic Grow Creatures grow four times their size in a few hours. Perfect! As soon as she woke up, “Check Animals!”  

The animals were bigger but they weren’t yet full size. When I asked Kora if they were bigger she said ” nope.” I wish I would have left one out so we could compare sizes. 

I decided that I’d put the bowls out of her sight and we could check on the animals the next morning. The next morning, still in pajamas, “Check animals”. 

This time she could see a difference in size. Of course, we had to play with the animals again. This time the sea turtle gave the other animals rides on its back!  

Magic Grow Creatures are fun, but if you’re looking for immediate results, this is not for you. It definitely takes some time. The great thing about these animals is that they are reusable. They will shrink back down as the water evaporates and you can grow them again!