Why do kids like knocking things down so much? We build a tower of blocks, Kora knocks it down. We build a sand castle, Kora knocks it down. Knowing how much she loves to knock things down, I knew she would love Tin Can Bowling. 

We used six food cans from the recycling bin and a easy to grip ball. The can opener I used is a Kuhn Rikon Safety Can Opener, which cuts around the side of the can. The top is more like a lid so no sharp edges. 

Just like the carnival game, except without the rigging, I lined up three cans, stacked two on top, and then one on top of that. I originally asked Kora to try to knock the cans over by throwing the ball. What high expectations I had! I wasn’t thinking about how “accurate” Kora’s aim can be. She couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn much less a tin can pyramid. 

She tried kicking the ball, but her kicking aim is worse than her throwing aim!

In the end we settled on rolling the ball like bowling. She started out rolling it too softly and the ball didn’t even make it to the cans. It only took a couple more rolls before she connected. 

The way she celebrated you would have thought she just won the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and an Olympic Gold Medal all in the same day! She was twirling and jumping and screaming. She even ran to Curious George for high fives!

Each time she knocked cans down she went to reassemble them. She’s so independent she didn’t want my assistance. As it turns out, it’s fun to knock the cans down no matter their configuration. 

Tin Can Bowling is easy to throw together and easy to clean up – just toss the cans back in the recycle bin! And don’t forget: it has the thrill of knocking things down! It doesn’t get much better than this. 

(On a side note: The only wearing one shoe thing was completely her idea. She refused to put a second shoe on on take the first one off. You pick your battles!)