“Again, again!”
 I hear these words A LOT! I have to make sure that if I do something silly with Kora that I am prepared to repeat it over and over again. It’s amazing how you can repeat the same thing what feels like a million times and kids don’t tire of it. 

This morning before breakfast, Kora was playing on the couch. I started pretending I was really tired – yawning and stretching my arms. I narrated that I was so sleepy and was going to go lay on the couch. 

I walk over to the couch, pretending I can’t see Kora (she has a huge grin on her face, waiting to see what I’m going to do). I start to sit and as soon as I make contact with her she starts to giggle. I jump up and squeal, “I didn’t see you!” This makes her laugh again. 

“Again! Again!” We replay the scene over and over. After probably the tenth time or so, I started to make breakfast. I hear Kora asking for something, but I’m not understanding her two year old words. Then it hit me. She was saying, “Sleep on me.” How cute is that? And how could I refuse?

She started hiding under my nursing pillow, so after laying on her I would scream “What are you doing under my pillow?!” She was eating my overacting up! 

The longer we played the longer she could go before laughing. I always waited until she made noise before I ‘woke up’. Sometimes I would start snoring which really got her giggling. 

I only managed to get a couple of pictures since this activity was really Mommy doing all the playing! Even though it was very repetitive, I enjoyed every giggle and smile from my baby this morning. Try this with your little one and they too will be asking for more: “Sleep on me!”