When I was a kid we played a game in the pool called Wolf Over the River. It’s a tag-like game. One kid would be it and would start naming colors. When your color was called you swam across. The person who was It had to swim and pull you to the surface before you tagged the wall. It was such a fun game. 

This is NOT that game. 

Why I called this game Wolf Over the River I don’t know. It just popped in my head. A couple months ago I needed Kora to get some energy out before bed. I grabbed a couple of towels, threw them on the floor in the hallway, and asked Kora if she wanted to play Wolf Over the River. “Of tourse!,” she said. 

I demonstrated that to play you had to run to the towel and hop over it. Then move to the next towel. My husband, Kora, and I all played that evening and got her all ready for bed. As we played we used Kora’s go to sound effect for jumping/throwing/kicking, “Hut!”  
Today we decided to play Wolf Over the River again. I threw down some hand towels and we started running and jumping over them. 

Of course each jump came with its own sound effect. Kora sounded like an NFL quarterback: “Hut! Hut!”

Kora managed to steal my camera from me and got a shot of me mid jump!

This game, made up in the spur of the moment, is a quick and easy way to get out some energy. Kids don’t need fancy toys – they need a silly game with a funny name!