As an elementary school teacher I accumulated my fair share of stamps – stamps of letters of the alphabet, stamps of encouragement, and even the dreaded “Please sign and return” stamp. I recently went through my stamps and pulled out any that I thought Kora would enjoy. Most of them have a pun on them. Example – a picture of a whale that says “Whaley Good”. 
Today Kora and I pulled out the stamps while Lila was napping. Kora was a little confused at first. The only other stamps she has used have been the kind that have the ink inside the stamper. She had never had to use an ink pad before. 

When Kora uses stamps she basically just pounds the paper repeatedly. She would pound it once or twice in the ink pad and then multiple times on her paper. The majority of the time her stamp touched the ink pad and/or the paper so lightly and briefly that it didn’t leave much of a mark.

With each stamp that she picked up, she had to check out what the stamp was of. She loved all the animal stamps. And the ice cream stamp. And the star stamp. And the…what am I thinking? She loved all the stamps!

She made sure to use every single stamp. I know this because, just like she did with her Bingo Daubers, she picked up a stamp from the pile on her right, used it, and then placed it on her left. She continued until the pile on her right was gone!

I absolutely got Kora’s Stamp of Approval for today’s activity. She really enjoyed using the stamps to decorate her paper. I think I will have to invest in a few different colored ink pads before we use the stamps again.