Let me start by saying that Kinetic Sand is AWESOME!! I was skeptical but willing to give it a shot. I’m not sure I got any pictures of Kora playing with it because I was too busy playing with it. I couldn’t stop myself!
There are several claims on the box:

– Your hands stay clean. This is true. 

– Clean-up is a breeze. Also true. 

– Easy to shape and mold. Yes. 

– Amazing flowing motion! So true! It’s mesmerizing actually. 

– You’ll never put it down! I played with it until we had to clean up. 

This stuff is truly amazing. Kora thought so too! She had a blast “digging” in the sand. She liked picking it up and squeezing it in her hands. 

It was a weird sensation playing with the sand. I kept feeling the need to wipe the sand off my hands, but there wasn’t any sand there. And when Kora would accidentally drop some on the floor it was so easy to pick up the little clump of sand. 

Kora and I would mold the sand – sometimes into balls and sometimes into snakes. It was almost Play-Doh like. 

We ended up making a giant ant hill. Kora had fun poking tunnel holes into the mound. 

If your child doesn’t have Kinetic Sand, go get them some. You will enjoy playing with it as much as they do. I’m not going to lie to you – I want to buy some more so I can build a sand castle (after the kids go to sleep of course!).