Today we played Pin the Wool on the Sheep. For our version of the game, there was no blindfold and no spinning. Just the pinning of the wool. Although Kora would have loved the spinning version too!

I drew a sheep outline on the non-sticky side of some contact paper. (Isn’t contact paper great? There are so many fun crafts to do with it). Kora helped me tape the sheep, sticky side out, to the window. By help I mean she pulled tape from the dispenser and got it into a big tangly mess. She then had to test that the paper was sticky. She’s as impressed with contact paper as I am!

With the sheep in place we were ready to play. First, Kora grabbed a piece of wool and stuck it next to the sheep! Her second attempt missed too! I can’t even imagine how she would do blindfolded and dizzy! On her third attempt she finally Pinned the Wool on the Sheep!

Kora stuck several pieces of wool on the sheep before pulling them all off. I think she liked the sound of the cotton ball coming off the adhesive – similar to the sound of Velcro. 

She repeated this a couple more times – put some on and then take them off – until she happened to pin a cotton ball that covered the sheep’s eye. She thought this was so funny that the covered the other eye too. 

This turned in to a game of Peek-a-Boo between Kora and the sheep. She loved to cover the sheep’s eyes and say “Can’t see me!” Then she’d rip the cotton ball off and say, “See me now!” She also covered its mouth so it couldn’t talk to her. 

Eventually the eyes became covered with residual cotton and it was difficult for Kora to adhere the wool to the sheep – Peek-Boo was over. That’s when the wool started flying! Kora started tossing the cotton balls trying to get them to stick. 

Playing Pin the Wool on the Sheep was quite entertaining. As Kora was playing I was thinking about all the possible ways I can adapt the game to make it feel like a new game. Pin the Leaves on the Tree. Color the Rainbow. Magazine Cutout Collage. You get the idea. I’m loving the possibilities!