Kids love playing with their food. Why they like this so much I don’t know. I’ve seen forks that look like dump trucks. And plates with faces on them so you can use your food to make a green pea beard or mashed potato hair. Whatever the method, kids like playing with their food. I decided to use this fact to my advantage today with Cereal Threading. 

I stuck a couple of uncooked linguine noodles into a container of Play-Doh and gave it to Kora along with a bowl of Apple Jacks. The goal is to thread the cereal onto the noodles. This simple activity helps with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus you can use it to practice colors (especially if you used Froot Loops) and counting. 

Kora must have noticed that there were two noodles and two colors of cereal because right off the bat she started threading the orange pieces on one noodle and the green pieces on the other noodle. This girl is definitely her father’s child!  

Once she got about three pieces on each noodle she decided that was too many and she started pulling them off and eating them. 

After she pulled each piece off and ate it she started threading again. Each time she threaded, she never let it get higher than four pieces. I’m not sure what her reasoning was, but if I tried to make it higher she would start waving her hands at me and say “No, no Mom!”

I love this activity because of the amount of concentration it requires of Kora. For each piece she had to focus on lining the hole of the cereal up with the noodle. This may not be a game that has us giggling but it is one that is good for Kora’s development. We call this activity “Cereal Game” but it’s really more like “Learning Disguised as a Snack”.