I love when I find an activity Kora enjoys that uses everyday household products. Using household products means that I usually always have the product on hand, and most importantly, I don’t have to find a place to store the product because it already has a home. 
For today’s activity, we played with shaving cream. I’ve used shaving cream in my classroom (students can practice writing letters and numbers) and all the students really enjoyed it so I was confident Kora would too.  
Before we got started I asked Kora if she wanted to play with shaving cream. I knew she didn’t know what it was but I asked anyway (building vocabulary!). She heard ‘cream’ and assumed ice cream! I stressed to her that it wasn’t ice cream and she couldn’t eat it. A little disappointed, she wanted to play anyway. I had her help me shake the can before we squirted some on the table which made her happy again. 

I squirted a little foam on the table and sat back and watched. Normally Kora dives right into an activity, but she was a bit skeptical of this inedible dollop. She stared at it for a bit before gingerly poking it with one finger. 

After a few minutes of poking it and playing neatly, Kora dug in. Both hands were covered in foam, wiping side to side. 

I guess she needed more leverage because she stood up to lean into her work. This girl really know how to have fun!

One of the great things about shaving cream is how easy it is to clean up. The foam evaporates as Kora plays with it so I don’t worry about her making a mess. Shaving Cream Play is definitely being filed under Quick, Easy, and Fun.