It’s summer vacation time!! Woohoo! My husband and I loaded up our girls and our boat and set off on a road trip to Pensacola, Florida. It’s a 9-10 hour drive so our plan was to drive as far as the girls would allow and stop for a break when needed. I packed toys, books, and snacks to keep Kora entertained while in the truck, but I knew we were going to have to stop and let her run some energy off. 

Around lunchtime we stopped at a TA travel center for gas. Now gas stations are not known for their playgrounds and other entertaining facilities but we found a way to have some fun. 

As we were walking along the sidewalk of the store stretching our legs Kora and I found a stepping stone path in one of the flowerbeds. Kora loves rocks and she loves to hop so I knew this would be a great way to spend our time. 

Kora and I took turns hopping from stone to stone. She would hop across and then it would be my turn. As soon as I finished it would be her turn to hop back the other direction. 

A few times we started out at either ends and would meet in the middle. She giggled as I tried to squeeze on the same stone as her. 

My favorite part of Rock Hopping was her final hop of each pass. When she reached the last rock she had to prepare herself for her big dismount. Kora would shuffle to the edge of the rock, squat down, and say “Hut!” And she leaped with both feet to the sidewalk. Most of the time she stuck the landing but occasionally she’d fall. From her perspective the distance from rock to sidewalk was a long way and needed such dramatic preparations. 

Rock Hop was a much needed activity that helped tire Kora out for the next leg of our drive. We may have to play this again at our local park sometime using sidewalk chalk. I could draw lily pads and we could be frogs!