Melissa and Doug are my heroes! They have the coolest line of products for kids – I have yet to find a product with their name on it that I don’t love. Today I’m going to gush about their Water Wow! Boards. 

If you’re unfamiliar with these boards let me fill you in. Each set is four themed boards spiral bound together. There is a little cylindrical paintbrush tube that holds water. The water wets the bristles and as you ‘paint’ the uncolored picture, the color appears! It’s painting without the paint!  

Kora has a couple of these boards at home that we use ALL the time. I usually keep one in the car and one in the diaper bag. This way I always have one handy when we’re on the go and I need to keep her entertained. Since we use them so often, I decided to surprise her with a new one on our vacation. 
I thought I would need to give Kora her new vehicle-themed Water Wow! Boards in the truck for our long drive but she played with other toys instead. Today after our morning swim, it started to rain and rain and rain. We were anchored out in our boat so we didn’t have a lot of options for entertainment. Out come the boards! I asked Kora if she wanted to paint and as expected, she said, “Yes!”
She crawled up on our folded down dinette table so excited and ready to paint. As soon as I gave her the boards she got right to work. Kora is a pro with these boards. As long as there is water in the paintbrush, she can do the rest. There is built in storage for the paintbrush and Kora opens the little door to get the paintbrush out and she starts painting. She even uses the ‘Find these pictures…’ section and hunts for the requested pictures. When she’s finally through painting, she opens the little storage door to put her paintbrush away. 

Each booklet comes with four different scenes to paint. By the time Kora has worked through all four, the first one usually has had time to dry and she can start over. She loved painting the fire truck the most so she kept coming back to this page. 

My favorite thing about Water Wow! boards is that there is no mess! I can take them anywhere that I need to keep Kora entertained/distracted – restaurant, car trip, Dr. office, etc – and not worry about making a mess. Or worry about Kora painting little sister!

Melissa and Doug, I want to thank you for making such an awesome toy! Kora loves to color the pictures with her paintbrush. I love that it’s a perfect toy for when we’re on the go. If you don’t already have one of these, go get one, or two, or three. You’ll thank me (and Melissa and Doug) later.