Beach vacations are a lot of fun but too much time in the sun can be exhausting. Especially for a two year old who still NEEDS a nap EVERYDAY!! When I packed us up for our vacation I made sure to pack up some indoor activities that we could play in the boat during the heat of the day. 
The criteria for the activities that I packed was that they had to be fairly small (there is not a lot of extra space on the boat) and they couldn’t be messy. The Farm Animal Lacing set met my criteria so it got packed for vacation. 
We ended up pulling out the lacing activity on a rainy morning instead of a sunny afternoon. I’m just thankful I was prepared. It would have been rough cooped up in our boat with nothing to play with!

Our lacing set consists of seven cardboard shapes – five animals, a tractor, and a barn – and seven matching shoelaces. The idea is to use a shoestring and weave it through the holes on the perimeter of the shape. I wasn’t sure if Kora would have the dexterity, patience, or interest to lace the string but we were going to try anyway.

As I pulled out all the pieces, she started spreading them out in front of her. A couple of the animals were already laced and Kora started studying one of them. I think she was a little confused. 

Once I explained to her what she needed to do, Kora set about trying to lace the string through the holes. She was so focused with each attempt and managed to get the string threaded, but didn’t really understand how to lace it. 

Many different attempts were made with each of the different animals. Kora made sure to use the same colored string as the shape she was lacing. 

Eventually she lost interest in lacing and started just playing with the animals instead. The horse was called to the barn for dinner. 

I did manage to sneak in a little colors and animal sounds practice. She matched up the horse and the rooster because they were both green. I asked her each animal sound. Here’s the rooster crowing!

Kora decided the horse and cow needed to go on a walk and proceeded to walk them around the boat!

While playing with the animals, Kora asked me to remove the laced string from the pig. Instead of doing it for her, I made her do it. I gave simple step by step instructions to let her do the work. What awesome fine motor practice!

Even though they didn’t get used as intended, our Farm Animal Lacing set definitely got used! Kora had a blast and played with the animals for at least an hour! Not too bad for a rainy morning activity!