You know those optical illusions where the image can be two different things depending on how you look at it? The man is facing forward. No, he’s facing to the side. Now he’s facing to the front again!

Well, today’s activity is sort of like one of these illusions. Sometimes we were cooking and other times we were drumming! Today Kora was visiting her cousins and her cousins’ cousins. My sister-in-law grabbed a plastic bowl and spoon from the kitchen so her toddler could cook. Once Kora came in and saw what was going on, we needed another bowl and spoon. One bowl and one spoon was NOT going to be enough for these two head strong girls! 

One of the uncles came in and showed the girls how to flip over their bowl to make a drum. Just like a man to turn a nice quiet activity into one filled with noise. 

Throughout the afternoon Kora returned to the bowl and spoon. Sometimes she cooked:

Sometimes she drummed:

Sometimes she drummed on other people’s drums! 

One of the older cousins pretended alongside the younger girls for a while. Here they are watching their cakes baking in the oven. 

Whether she was making music or cooking food, Kora was having a ball! I was loving the fact that she was playing happily with just a bowl and spoon! Way to use your imagination Kora! This makes me want to give her random objects and see what she will do with them.