This morning I opened up my Craft Closet (It’s really just a cabinet – I only wish I had a closet dedicated to crafting supplies) to find inspiration for today’s activity. As I’m brainstorming, Kora comes up and starts reaching for Fuzzy Sticks. I figured if thats what she wanted to do, I’d just roll with it. 

Kora excitedly took the package to the table to get started. She spread them all out and tried to figure out what to do with them. 

I demonstrated for Kora how to bend the pipe cleaners into shapes. I made her a hat and tried to put it on her head. “No, no, Mom. My self” she told me. This is the hat she made all by herself. She was a little discouraged that she couldn’t get her hat to stay on her head. 

Although she doesn’t quite have the dexterity needed to bend the Fuzzy Sticks into shapes, Kora did put a lot of effort into trying to create things. I’m not exactly sure what this is, but she made it for me and she was very proud of it!

Then she made a mustache! “Like Dad!”

I twisted a Fuzzy Stick into a fish for her. She promptly made a fishing pole for her fish. She’s crazy!

Kora started looking at the Fuzzy Sticks package and wanted me to create the objects pictured. I was able to make her the caterpillar – she thought it was funny that I twirled the pipe cleaner around her finger. 

Playing with Fuzzy Sticks was an activity that was probably more beneficial to me than Kora. For starters, it reminded me that Kora is little and sometimes just exploring the ingredients can be more fun than following the recipe. I learned that sometimes things can be too difficult for our skill level, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Playing Fuzzy Sticks also made me tap into my inner child and use my imagination. I’m so happy that Kora chose to play this today.