This morning I was using masking tape to fix a game box that was falling apart. When Kora noticed what I was doing she immediately ran over to me saying, “Me help!”
I managed to buy myself a little more time by giving her a couple pieces of masking tape. The tape occupied her long enough for me to finished up what I was working on. 
Her interest in playing with the tape got me thinking. Why not make a game out of playing with masking tape? I stared tearing small pieces of tape and adhering them to the table. Kora helped me press the tape down. She also tried to help me tear the tape from the roll but she just got the tape stuck to itself. 

Getting the end of the tape peeled off the table was tricky for Kora’s little fingers. I was a little surprised that she didn’t get frustrated when she couldn’t get the tape up. When she had trouble peeling it she just tried another piece of tape. Once she got the end started she was able to easily pull the whole strip off. 

When she got a piece pulled off the table she seemed to struggle getting the tape off her fingers. What I didn’t realize until 3-4 pieces in was that she was stacking the tape! She wasn’t struggling to get the tape off her fingers; she was straightening it out so she could add it to her stack. I was quite impressed!

Kora was getting into a groove pulling tape when baby sister got fussy. When I turned my attention to Lila, Kora did too and just like that, Masking Tape Pull was over. Well, except for the fact that Kora stole Lila’s Wubbynub and put it “in the nest.”  

I was a little disappointed that Kora didn’t play with the tape longer, but hey, distractions happen. Masking Tape Pull is a quick and simple activity that is great for working on finger strength. It is also a great way to teach perseverance. We may have to try this again – and I’ll make sure baby sister is in a good mood!