Kora’s and Lila’s cousin Brooke is turning one and having her birthday party at my parents house. We decided to drive up a few days early so the girls could spend a few days with their grandparents. 

Anytime we visit my parents house, Kora pulls out the John Deere lunch box filled with farm animal figures. She usually spreads them all over the floor and I usually end up stepping on them (at least it’s not a Lego!).
Today she played with them on the coffee table and then abandoned them there when she decided to play with other toys. As a way to get Kora to help clean up the animals my mom made up a game I’ll call Race to the Animal.
My mom set up all the animals on the coffee table and then had Kora stand back a couple feet. Nannie would first ask Kora to find a specific animal and then instruct her to ‘Go!”  

Kora would race to the table to find the requested animal. 

Once she found the animal she would give it to Nannie. 

Grandmother and granddaughter repeated the race at least twenty times – once for each animal. Kora raced to find each animal with the same enthusiasm every time. 

Race to the Animal is a game that was made up on the spot but it’s one that I can use a lot. I like the idea of making cleaning up a fun game. Or I can use it with Kora to practice letters or numbers. Or anything else for that matter. Thanks Nannie for thinking up this fun game!