I have a love hate relationship with sidewalk chalk. Kora always has so much fun drawing with it, and she wants me to draw with her. But I can’t stand the feeling of chalk on my fingers. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like it. My sweet girl loves it though so I grit my teeth and suck it up. 

This morning we grabbed Nannie’s brand new box of chalk and headed outside for the porch. Kora immediately grabbed a piece of chalk and started drawing. 

Pivoting on her bottom, Kora drew all around her. She was focused on her masterpiece, using lots of different colors. 

And then she was distracted by a Daddy-Longleg she saw on the door. I guess she was afraid I couldn’t see it because she kept pointing to it.

When the little guy started crawling away, Kora got it in her head that the spider was going home to his “Mom, Dad, Sister!”

Once the Daddy-Longleg had gone home, Kora came back to the chalk drawing. She started putting her left hand on the porch and then used her right hand to trace her hand. Her tracings were more like little scribbles between her thumb and pointer finger. I convinced Kora to lay down so I could trace her body. 

She then asked me to lay down so she could trace me:

I tried to draw a couple Olympic themed chalk photo opps (I stole the idea from my cousin who posted a photo of her girls on Facebook) but Kora would draw over anything I tried to draw. 

I came back out later in the day while Kora was napping to draw them. I couldn’t get Kora to pose on them, but I did get a couple shots of Lila!

While I don’t like the feel of chalk on my fingers, I will admit that playing with sidewalk chalk is pretty fun. It’s cheap, easy, a great way to exercise the imagination, and best of all, it’s super easy to clean up!