On a quick trip to the grocery store my mom picked up a package of Skittles so we could do an experiment she had seen on Facebook. 

The experiment is simple – make a circle of skittles on a white plate. Then add warm water to the plate and watch what happens. Sounds simple right? It is…unless you’re doing it with a toddler!

I showed Kora how to arrange the Skittles on the plate. About five candies in, she snuck a Skittle and started licking it. It took some convincing to get her to keep arranging the Skittles, but we finally completed our Skittle circle. Kora was proud of it and wanted to show it off to her Aunt Amy – she picked up the plate and candies rolled all over the place!

We arranged the Skittles around the plate once again, and now we were ready to add the water. 

Pouring the water onto the plate revealed two problems. The first problem was that the plate was sitting on an uneven surface (plus we were using a styrofoam plate) causing the water to pool on one side of the plate. 

The second problem was that Kora still wanted to lick the Skittles and was quite unhappy that I poured water on them. She started trying to rescue the Skittles and she even tried to flip the plate over! Needless to say, our experiment was a bust. 

My mom and I decided we would change a few things up and try again. We switched to a glass plate atop the kitchen island. These changes would ensure a flat surface. 

To keep Kora from grabbing at Skittles we enlisted Papa’s help. He stood close by to keep the Skittles safe from Kora’s grasp. 

Nannie added the warm water and we watched in awe as the water changed colors. 

Kora wasn’t as impressed as I was. She still wanted to eat the Skittles. 

We had a bumpy start to our Skittle Experiment but were successful in the end. Making a few adjustments made a huge difference in the outcome of our experiment!