It’s official. We jumped on the Pokemon bandwagon! I’ve always enjoyed geocaching, and it seems like playing Pokemon Go is similar so we gave it a try. 
My parents and I took my girls over to my brother’s house for dinner one night. As we waited for dinner, my nephew Kaden asked Nannie to take him to find Pokemon. This boy is all into it and knows way more than any four year old should ever know about Pokemon. If Kaden was going hunting, you could bet his little brother Finn would be right behind him. 
Kora didn’t know anything about what we were going to do but she wanted to go with her cousins! My mom and I and three little ones set out in search of Pokemon. Kaden had his dad’s phone, Kora had mine, and Finn had Nannie’s. We had to borrow Papa’s phone (who was staying back with a sleeping Lila) so we could take a few pictures!
With our Pokemon app open and detecting a nearby Pokemon we were off!  

Kaden’s boots must be made for walking because he was much faster than the other two kids. He stopped to let the younger kids catch up but that made Kora stop too!

When Finn caught up to Kora (she let him catch all the way up!), she started walking again to catch up to Kaden.  

We had almost made the block before siting a Pokemon! I managed to get a picture of it before Kora caught it but I failed to capture Kora’s celebratory dance!

Although Kora doesn’t understand what we’re doing, she had a great time with her cousins. Hunting Pokemon with the Pokemon Go app is really a lot of fun and is not just for Pokemon fans. You don’t have to know anything about Pokemon to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of the find! Kora and I sure had fun and I bet you will too!