Kora loves playing with her animal toys and she also loves playing in the water. I decided to combine the two activities today and let her give her animals a bubble bath!
We gathered up some of her animal toys, the bubble bath, some sponges, and a rectangular storage tub and headed outside. I filled the tub with soapy water and let Kora have at it. 

The cow was the first to get a bath. Kora was really going to town scrubbing the cow trying to get it clean. Then I realized that she wasn’t using the sponge to get dirt off, she was just trying to get all the bubbles off!

Once an animal was bubble free, Kora would set the toy on the ground beside her. Several animals got a bath before she realized that the water from the sponge was dripping on her. That’s when she decided she wanted to get in and take a bath too. Kora took off her shoes, threw the cleaned toys back in, and crawled in the tub!

 She had more fun sitting in that little tub than I would have imagined. Animal Bubble Bath turned into Swimming with Dolphins!  

 At one point while Kora was playing, she hopped out to come show me the cow. As she was walking over to me she realized that she was making footprints on the concrete. Here she is trying to check out her prints!

Lila wasn’t very interested in watching Big Sister today, but it won’t be too long before she’s ready to be in on the action!

Animal Bubble Bath turned out to be practically the same thing as bath time except in a smaller tub and outside with clothes on! And Kora loved every second of it! An activity that my child loves that leaves her clean instead of dirty? I’ll take it!!!