Today has been one of those days when it rains on and off all day. After being cooped up most of the day, Kora had a lot of energy and needed to get outside and run around! We waited for a break in the rain and then we went outside to blow bubbles.
Who doesn’t love bubbles?!? I’ve never met a kid who didn’t absolutely love blowing/popping bubbles. My sweet and fiercely independent child would much rather be in control and blow the bubbles than pop them.

Kora loves dipping and waving her bubble wand around so much that it really doesn’t matter if it produces any bubbles!

When she actually makes a bubble, she gets super excited.

Most of the time she just waved her wand around but occasionally she actually tried to blow the bubbles.


Unfortunately, it started raining again and forced us inside again. Blowing Bubbles is one of those activities that can keep Kora occupied for a while and today we didn’t get to play as long as we wanted. Fortunately, bubbles never go out of style and we can (and will) play another day!