If you use Pampers products I recommend using their online Rewards Program. You enter the codes found on the products and earn points. Then you can use your points and pick your reward. I have been entering my codes and finally decided to cash them in. I browsed through the rewards and chose an alphabet peg puzzle by Melissa and Doug (I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love their products!)
This is one of those things that Kora and I both love but for different reasons. Sometimes I think she likes Kora likes it just because there are a lot of pieces she can spread all over the place! I love it because it is really helping her learn her letters. 
Once she has dumped all the letters out onto the table, Kora starts trying to put all the letters back in their place.

As she identifies and places the peg letters, I’m making mental notes. Some letters she knows better than others, like the letter S. I think that’s one of her favorite letters. 

Some letters she correctly identifies if I orient it for her. She picked up a sideways letter I and called it an H until I turned the correct way. 

There are letters, like the letter Y, that Kora knows where it belongs on the board, but can’t verbally name. 
Today she actually surprised me when placing the letter X. She first tried to place it in the letter B’s spot but she was just being silly! When she placed it in the correct spot she said “x-ray,”. I knew she knew the letter, but it just kinda shocked me that she remembered “x-ray,” as its not the most common picture in the puzzle. It just amazes me how her brain is a little sponge absorbing everything around her! 

Kora struggled with the letters L and J today. She kept trying to put the J where the letter L belongs. We’ll have to keep practicing these letters. 

Our Alphabet Puzzle is a fun way to practice the letters and sounds of the alphabet as well as identifying words that start with each letter. It’s also a great fine motor exercise – using fingers to pick up the peg pieces and manipulate them into the correct position. Now I just need to find one with lowercase letters.