A Dollar General just opened up down the street from my house, and I could not be more excited.  For the last couple of months, every time I drove past, I would note the progress of the construction.  The store finally opened up, so I stopped by just to take a look around. While looking around I found a card game made by Crayola called Same or Different.  The game looked interesting so I bought it for Kora. As soon as we got home Kora wanted to play her new game.  She was so excited!


The game is very simple – pick a card and then find what is the same on the card and what is different.  Each card had 6 objects on one side and then either numbers or shapes on the other side.

For this first time playing, I only focused on having Kora find what was the same on the card she drew.  Each time she picked a new card I would ask her, “What is the same?”  She would study over the card for a brief second and then point out the objects that were the same.


There are a variety of ways that the pictures could be the same.  The pictures could be of the same object, color, size, number, direction, or type.  So it was interesting to me to watch what she picked as being the same. Most of the time the objects she picked as the same were the same color.  But sometimes she picked out objects with different colors.  On one card, there were three apples – one red and two yellow.  Kora picked the red and yellow as being the same.


One card had six number fours on it.  Kora picked it up and as she pointed to each 4 she said, “Dat a four.”

I think Kora picked up and looked at every card in the deck.  She liked looking at all the colorful pictures.


I’m so glad that I found this deck of cards! Not only are we practicing same and different, we are practicing numbers, shapes, and colors.  I can also use these cards to help Kora notice differences in the sizes of the objects.  I honestly wasn’t aware that Crayola made card games like this one, but I’m sure glad they do.  I may have to do some online searching to see what other games they make.