Monthly Archives: September 2016

The girls and I were at the store browsing the craft aisle when I found some cool animal stencils. I immediately thought that these stencils would be perfect for Sponge Painting. I got really excited when I remembered that Kora had a plain white t-shirt in her closet that we could could paint. I showed Kora the animal stencils and asked if she wanted to paint a monkey shirt when we got home. Nope. She wanted a giraffe shirt. We bought the stencils and some yellow and orange fabric paint and went home to paint a giraffe shirt. 
At home as I was getting our supplies ready I asked Kora if she was ready to paint her giraffe shirt. Nope. She wanted a monkey shirt. ¡Ay caramba!
I made sure to tape the stencil in place so it wouldn’t shift as Kora painted. (I ended up convincing her to paint the giraffe!)

With the stencil in place, all Kora needed now was the paint and a small square piece of sponge. I showed her how to dip her sponge in the paint and then dab it onto the giraffe. 

She liked to dip the sponge in the yellow paint and then into the orange before pressing it onto the shirt. The mixing of the colors made the giraffe look really cool. 

I love how Kora’s shirt turned out so much I may have to go buy her (and Lila) some more white shirts to paint! We will also use the stencils to paint on paper. Kora would love if we got some butcher paper and painted a big zoo scene. I see a lot of Sponge Painting in our future!


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been saving the caps off plastic drink bottles. I haven’t really had a plan for these caps; I just thought I could eventually use them for some craft or project. Today I decided we would pretend they were hockey pucks and play Bottle Cap Hockey. 

A tissue box with one of its sides cut out makes a perfect hockey goal. Kora laid down on the floor about four feet from the goal and started trying to flick the puck into the goal. 

She would give the puck a little push and it would slide about four inches. She would then army crawl to the puck and give it another little push. This would continue until she reached the goal. 

At some point while we were playing Kora found my bag full of bottle caps and decided she needed to play with all of them. 

I honestly don’t know if Kora had more fun playing Bottle Cap Hockey or if I had more fun watching her. Her little celebration each time she scored a goal was just too cute! 

Kora and I had a great time playing Bottle Cap Hockey today. My favorite part about today’s game was not the simplicity of the game or the fact that we were basically playing with recyclables. Those things are awesome, but my favorite part has to be how this game can be used to practice sharing and taking turns. Kora kept making sure that I got my turn to play too. My sweetie pie! 

What do you do when your child loves to paint and loves to play with rocks? Why you paint rocks of course! I’m not talking about painting pet rocks or anything fancy like that. I’m just talking about using a rock as our canvas and just covering it with paint!

We grabbed our paints and a couple of rocks from outside and then we were ready to get started.  I poured several little dollops of paint out and then handed Kora a paint brush. 

She started off painting one of the rocks pink. Then she switched to painting the other rock green. She continued to change colors and alternate rocks, but she kept painting the same spot on each rock. 

After a few minutes of painting both rocks, she decided that I needed to paint one of the rocks. When she saw me painting other parts of the rocks, she branched out too. 

Once she was satisfied with the paint coverage on her rock she started painting the paper. She didn’t want to stop painting until she had used all the paint up. 

Rock Painting was a very enjoyable activity and the rocks actually look pretty cool once they dried. I’m starting to wonder what else we can paint. 

Today’s activity is brought to you by the word Nature. We were all about exploring nature today. 
Kora and I started off with a nature walk. With our zip-lock collection bag in hand, we set off in search of nature. Her first stop was to pick up some rocks. She would have filled her baggie with the rocks if I hadn’t have stopped her. 

We walked around for about 20 minutes collecting flowers, leaves, and grass. Then we headed home to make our Nature Picture. 

I cut out the center of a sheet of card stock and placed it on top of the sticky side of a sheet of contact paper. Now that we had a frame for our picture, we were ready to start sticking our nature down. 

Kora stuck one leaf onto her contact paper before reaching for her rocks. She loves those rocks and really wanted them on her picture. I kept taking the rocks off, telling Kora that the rocks were too big and weren’t going to stick to her picture. She picked up her picture to prove to me that the rock wouldn’t fall off. Clever girl!

I eventually convinced Kora to leave the rocks off and to continue adding the flowers and leaves to her paper. She kept repeating “Nature Picture” over and over again as she worked. 

Lila kept pulling on Kora’s dress – I guess she wanted to help!

Once Kora had added all her nature, we added a second piece of card stock as a backing for our picture. Kora felt the need to stand on the backing to make sure it was really stuck down. 

We both enjoyed making our Nature Picture today. It was a great way to get outside and to express ourselves creatively. 

Yesterday we made dinosaur eggs, and today they are dry and ready to hatch! I think I may actually be more excited about hatching the eggs than Kora is!

We took our dinosaur eggs outside, and built a nest to put them in.  Kora loves playing with rocks so this was probably her favorite part!

To hatch the eggs we used an eye dropper and some vinegar.  Each squirt of vinegar would cause the baking soda egg to bubble up and slowly start to break down.

A little patience is required for this step as it takes a while to break down the egg enough to actually get the dinosaur out. Kora did a pretty good job of using the eye dropper today.  The steps were pretty repetitive – fill it up and squirt it out.

When she finally hatched a dinosaur – a T-rex – she was super excited.  She had to show me what a dinosaur says, “Roar!” It was the sweetest sounding “Roar!” I’ve ever heard.

Kora hatched one more egg – a pteranodon – before running off to play with rocks.  She really enjoyed hatching the eggs, but the eye dropper made the process a little tedious.  Since we still have six more eggs, I’ll have to think of a different approach to hatching the eggs.  I have a squirt bottle that I could fill with vinegar.  Kora would be able to squirt the vinegar on the eggs with a little more pressure which should make the dinosaur hatch a little faster.

Making Dino Eggs and Hatching Dino Eggs has been a fun experiment.  Since I’ve never created these baking soda eggs before I was a little nervous about how they would turn out, but I can honestly say that I was quite pleased with our result. And I’m kinda glad that Kora only hatched 2 of our 8 eggs.  I can use the others to keep her busy on another day!






Our Volcano Eruptions the other day got me thinking about other ways to use baking soda and/or vinegar. The first thing that came to my mind was the rubber egg experiment – let an egg sit in vinegar and the shell will start to dissolve, leaving a rubber-like egg – but I think that might be too passive an activity for Kora. I poked around on the World Wide Web a bit and discovered the perfect activity – making hatch-able dinosaur eggs! Kora has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately so I knew that this would be right up her alley! (Here is a link to where I found this awesome idea.)

After gathering all the necessary ingredients and supplies  (baking soda, water, food coloring, bowl, and spoon), Kora and I got down to business. I dumped some baking soda into a bowl and Kora started stirring.


She continued to stir as I poured in a little water. I let her choose what color she wanted to make the eggs (she chose green), but there was no way I was letting her get her hands on the bottle of food dye!


We continued to add in small amounts of water until the mixture was moldable. Then we started assembling the eggs. The easiest way to do this is to start with some of the mix in your hand, add a toy dinosaur (I found these little ones at Hobby Lobby), and then top with more baking soda mixture. Then mold it all together into the shape of an egg.


If you were to ask me, I would tell you that shaping the eggs was difficult for Kora. She couldn’t manage to enclose the dinosaur or keep her egg together. If you ask her, she would disagree with me. She doesn’t know that her eggs don’t look like Mommy’s eggs!


We laid the eggs on a sheet of foil and then put them on the kitchen counter to let them dry overnight.  The eggs will harden as they dry, and then we will be able to hatch them.


Tomorrow we will take the dried eggs outside and Hatch Dino Eggs.  Making Dino Eggs was a messy project, but Kora loved it! I can’t wait until tomorrow when she gets to free her dinosaurs.