Our Volcano Eruptions the other day got me thinking about other ways to use baking soda and/or vinegar. The first thing that came to my mind was the rubber egg experiment – let an egg sit in vinegar and the shell will start to dissolve, leaving a rubber-like egg – but I think that might be too passive an activity for Kora. I poked around on the World Wide Web a bit and discovered the perfect activity – making hatch-able dinosaur eggs! Kora has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately so I knew that this would be right up her alley! (Here is a link to where I found this awesome idea.)

After gathering all the necessary ingredients and supplies  (baking soda, water, food coloring, bowl, and spoon), Kora and I got down to business. I dumped some baking soda into a bowl and Kora started stirring.


She continued to stir as I poured in a little water. I let her choose what color she wanted to make the eggs (she chose green), but there was no way I was letting her get her hands on the bottle of food dye!


We continued to add in small amounts of water until the mixture was moldable. Then we started assembling the eggs. The easiest way to do this is to start with some of the mix in your hand, add a toy dinosaur (I found these little ones at Hobby Lobby), and then top with more baking soda mixture. Then mold it all together into the shape of an egg.


If you were to ask me, I would tell you that shaping the eggs was difficult for Kora. She couldn’t manage to enclose the dinosaur or keep her egg together. If you ask her, she would disagree with me. She doesn’t know that her eggs don’t look like Mommy’s eggs!


We laid the eggs on a sheet of foil and then put them on the kitchen counter to let them dry overnight.  The eggs will harden as they dry, and then we will be able to hatch them.


Tomorrow we will take the dried eggs outside and Hatch Dino Eggs.  Making Dino Eggs was a messy project, but Kora loved it! I can’t wait until tomorrow when she gets to free her dinosaurs.